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    Our Quality Guarantee 100% quality isn’t just a request, it’s an expectation. That’s why TCI is committed to its quality system. We are unique in that we can do both grinding and machining along with other related services.

    We are exploring new opportunities with our existing customers, and our team of experts is still discovering new industries we can serve.

    We have demonstrated our willingness to better serve our customers by investing in new processes. For example, we established our induction line and recently certified our quality systems to ISO 9001 standards.

    In every department at Ohare Precision Metals, quality is more than a word. It’s the last word in everything we do. We know that when our quality goes in, it helps your quality stand out.

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    We believe that quality comes first – the quality of our metal grade products, grinding services, and customer support. We maintain an extensive variety of product options that are ready for nationwide delivery.

    Stainless Steel Options

    One of today’s leading stainless steel distributors, we are the perfect solution for your choice of a stainless steel rod supplier, as we cater to applications for stainless steel tubing, aluminum tubing, and metal tubing.

    Material Options

    We have an extensive range of metal grades and medical grades available for delivery nationwide. We carry different materials to better serve your requirements for precision metals. Blanket orders are welcomed.

    We’ve Supporting Various Market Since 1970s

    We have been providing top caliber metal bars and precision grinding services, matched with competitive pricing and backed by a commitment to quality. Our in-house services include centerless grinding, straightening, chamfering, and cutting for a one-stop shop solution to most of our customers’ needs.

    Let’s Build Something Together

    We support a broad range of industries that require stainless steel round bars and other metal grade bars to manufacture their line of products.
    Who is your typical customer?
    Ohare Precision Metals’s typical machine-ready blank customer is a medium to large job shop or machine shop looking to increase productivity on their CNC machines. The customer is looking for a way to load, lock and cut chips without squaring up material prior to final machining. Some of our customers need their parts flat and parallel beyond what they can achieve in house. Our parts show up on their dock with tight-tolerances, flat, square and parallel so they can cut chips immediately with minimal clamp changes.

    Ohare Precision Metals’s contract machining customers are looking for a way to outsource their overload, or looking to place a single PO for machining, processing, plating, painting, etc. We can supply machined parts from material to paint, or anywhere in between. These customers are from many industries including: medical device, semi-conductor, oil tool, food packaging, aerospace, defense, etc. We aren’t a captive shop, so we’ll take a look at almost any job that fits our capabilities.

    What is your typical lead time?
    Our lead times are based on current shop loads. If we have the material on the floor or you are supplying the material, our machine-ready blanks typically roll off our dock within 5-7 days. If we need to source the material, allow 5 days to process the parts along with the vendor’s lead time. Our lead times vary by day, so please be sure to contact us on your current requirement.

    On our contract machining, you can expect lead times to vary as well. Depending on the machine availability, we’ve been able to ship parts in under 4 weeks, but it can be as long as 10 weeks depending on the job. Many of our customers issue blanket orders, allowing us to deliver parts on an as-needed basis. We can produce parts ahead of schedule, hold them in inventory for you, and ship them out the second you need them.

    Can you make a prototype part, machined-complete?
    Typically, no. We are not equipped to be competitive on making one part at a time. In some cases, however, we make exceptions for large, complex parts. We also may do one piece in conjunction with a follow-up contract order.

    If you are looking for one piece on a machine-ready blank, that’s no problem. In fact, if you are unsure about whether blanks will save your machining process time and increase production, we’ll typically make a sample for you with your specific dimensional requirements.

    What file-types can you read?
    We are able to read most file-types. If in doubt, send what you have. We’ll let you know if there’s any issue.
    Do you ship all over the country?
    Yes! Nearly half of our blanks end up in shops outside of California. With our negotiated freight rates, you won’t even know that the parts have traveled a few thousand miles. Lead time will naturally increase, as it may take 3-4 days to get to the east coast.

    Quality Assurance

    Our Quality Guarantee 100% quality isn’t just a request, It’s an expectation. That’s why Ohare Metals committed to its Quality system.


    Machine Operator

    Machine Operator for Centerless Grinding machine (Training can be provided): Precision Grinding of Round Bar materials 0.050” to 7” and up to 20 feet long Ability to read work instructions Daily use of Micrometers to.

    On Time!

    We understand how important it is to keep your line running. We continue to improve our on-time Delivery to make sure you get it when you need it.

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