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Provides one of the best metal bar and centerless grinding options in today’s market.

Defined by Quality

Recent high-profile and catastrophic materials problems in the medical device industry led Ohare Medical to engage in the most advanced quality assurance program of any medical material supplier. We have developed patented processes tailored to the medical industry, and proactively validated all medical equipment and processes (IQ, OQ & PQ) per FDA protocols, and developed proprietary bullet-proofing systems in manufacturing, software, and administration to ensure risk mitigation.

Ohare AssuraNce® expresses our commitment to process only high quality materials on validated equipment and patented quality systems to produce defect-free material.

EsseNtial Quality Systems™ is a unique, patent-pending IT-based quality program that manages the material selection and production process to deliver medical-grade bar stock.

As part of EsseNtial Quality systems, we maintain the following:

ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified
FDA CFR part 820 compliant
Fully validated processes (IQ,OQ,PQ) – manufacturing, software, administrative

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