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Servicing Your Needs

Servicing Your Needs

By achieving greater levels of control over your supply chain, you maximize regulatory compliance. You also ensure timely material delivery, enhancing your efficiency in product development and increasing the speed with which you bring products to market. Ohare Medical’s comprehensive service programs ensure our capability to meet your needs. Ohare Medical is the metals supplier who shares the priorities of the device, implant, and instrument industries.

GuardiaN™ Customer Support Solutions help you consolidate your supplier base and at the same time assure that FDA standards are being met. By outsourcing medical materials supply chain management to Ohare Medical and utilizing GuardiaN™ program management and medical stocking services, you can dramatically shorten lead times and reduce administrative expense. Our outsourcing expertise provides clients both convenience and confidence in a challenging business environment.

Oahre Medical Value Analysis (OMVA) reflects the expertise of more than 50 years experience in processing bars. Our FMVA clients include contract manufacturers and manufacturers of devices and device components. The FMVA program has been shown to help such clients optimize bar processing and reduce costs up to 20%.

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